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What the Doctors say

(For privacy reasons, many of the following medical professionals have requested that we not display their full names.) 

In June my cholesterol was measured at 280 and I weighed 202 pounds. In mid-August, at the same weight and not having been on any cholesterol restricting diet, I began taking Bios Life®. Four weeks from the day I began, my cholesterol level was found to be 147 (133 drop) and my weight had decreased to 188 pounds. My weight and cholesterol have since been maintained at these levels.
Henry Wagner, M.D.

I had the pleasure of seeing Elizabeth on November 19th. She is a 7 year old female with Alagille's syndrome. Bios Life® has been the only thing that really has reduced her cholesterol from a high of 1,800 at one point in time to now 230, which is certainly going to give her a better prognosis. There is really no substitute at this point in time for this product.
Daniel T. M. , M.D.

I'm board certified in both internal medicine and cardiology and I had the privilege of practicing medicine full time at UCLA where I conceived, developed and ran the preventive health program for a period of about 10 years. During that time period I was very curious about using fiber in treating Hypercholesterolemia and disease in general. At that time, I was unable to do so because there was no commercially available product that I could use. About one year ago I had my cholesterol checked. My triglycerides were 1,284. At that level it puts you at risk for hemorrhagic pancreatitis and death, and I really wasn't prepared to die about then. My cholesterol was 316 and my dad had heart disease prematurely so I knew I had to do something about it.
At that time I met a friend who exposed me to Bios Life®, and I knew about the product right away because I had been studying for them...it was like a God send to me. I began taking the product and over a period of about four months my weight dropped 35 pounds, my cholesterol went from 316 to 174 and my triglycerides from 1200 to less than 200. I'm sure, because of the Unicity product, I added decades on to my life.
Dr. Franklin M. , M. D.

Bios Life® was introduced to me by a colleague who indicated it might benefit my husband who had a heart attack in 1987 at the age of 40. He was diagnosed with high cholesterol at that point. He tried two different anti-cholesterol medications which were not successful in lowering his cholesterol. Four years ago he was also diagnosed with diabetes and is insulin dependent. Ten weeks ago he started on BiosLife2. Since that time he has had his cholesterol checked twice and lowered his cholesterol almost 100 points. His hemoglobin has been the most stable in the four years since he has been diabetic and has better energy. We are sold on the product and the business.
Dr. Ann H, W.

It was frightening to see my cholesterol increasing and I became determined to lower these levels without going on the statin medications used in cholesterol lowering. I feared many side effects associated with these medications. I began using Bios Life®...after three months my cholesterol levels improved dramatically. I was truly amazed to see my cholesterol levels decrease 50 points to 178 mg/dl and my LDL cholesterol decrease to 119 mg/dl, a drop of 25 points. I've never felt better. I would recommend BiosLife2 to anyone interested in lowering their serum cholesterol levels without worrying about potential side effects of prescription drugs.
Dr. Charles S. , Colorado

i'm a pharmacist and diabetes educator in St. Petersburg, Florida, and have had approximately eight years experience using BiosLife2 with my diabetic patients. Typically, most people think BiosLife2 will only help type 2 diabetics, however, I've found a greater benefit from using it with patients with type 1 diabetes. And that is simply because of the ability of BiosLife2 to level the blood sugar.
The problem that occurs with people who have type 1 diabetes, especially children, is that their lifestyles and their activities cause such a fluctuation in their use of glucose, metabolism of glucose and the amount of insulin they require that it's very hard to level those blood sugars. I've found that by consuming the soluble fiber in BiosLife2, this helps moderate the absorption of the glucose, makes it stay longer, pretty much giving them a slow-release form of glucose, so that they don't have those swings.
As we all know, low blood sugar for a type 1 diabetic is probably more harmful than high blood sugar. The ability to help stave off those lows with the BiosLife2 gives them an opportunity to have better control over their high glucose. In addition, it will help with the high glucose. And as children tend to eat a little more irregularly and irrationally than adults do, taking the BiosLife2 before they eat will help temper some of the effects that cause high blood sugar as well.
Dave J.  Pharm.

I'm a member of the board of directors of a large multi-specialty group practice of over 100 physicians, and also past member of the boards of directors of a large medical center in the Mid-West. I'm board certified in foot and ankle surgery and I'm a member of the American Diabetes Association, and I have a real passion for diabetic limb salvage.
I started taking the BiosLife2 program to show my wife that these products would not work. Essentially for two reasons: I had high cholesterol and I knew from my training that natural products could not lower cholesterol levels. And number two, I did not want to damage my reputation in the medical community for promoting vitamins and natural products to my patients.
Well, its very difficult to tell your wife that she knows more about vitamins than you do. But when my cholesterol went from 251 to 195 and my LDL's went from high risk to low risk in four weeks, without dietary change, I just had to fess up, because numbers don't lie. BiosLife2 fiber supplement, along with the Cellular Essential program, have transformed the lives of so many of my diabetic patients that I must share these products with everyone I come in contact with. That's my job as a doctor, taking care of the patient. And now, I can help the patient take care of themselves.
Over the last three years I have come to know Unicity as a company that has high integrity and vision. They provide superior products that hold U.S. Patents and are providing a higher quality of life for my patients. And they are doing this as a preventative health care program. I firmly believe that my wife's Unicity business is going to do more good for the health of more people than the last thirteen years of my practice or in my next twenty.
    Dr. Bill P.

I'm a board certified dermatologist and pathologist. And I am a full professor of dermatology at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle. With Bios Life I have lowered my cholesterol 25 points, I have dropped my weight 12 pounds and I'm almost at my high school weight right now.
Dr. David E.

I am using BiosLife2, we've had patients reduce their cholesterol level substantially in a month. Personally, I have lowered my cholesterol from 212 to 160.
Dr. George W., Family Practitioner, Wichita, Kansas

I'm a flight surgeon. The Defend-Ol worked, the weight management system, the BiosLife2 worked. I've lost 10 to 15 pounds, myself. My wife has lost 25 pounds. My favorite product is Defend-Ol. Since I began taking Defend-Ol in July of 1994, I have not had to take any nasal steroid spray at all, and I've remained completely allergy-free for the entire allergy season. It is very exciting to be able to come off a steroid medication that I had to take in order to perform my job, and be able to go onto a natural, very efficacious medication that has no side effects.
Dr. Greg G.

I'm a general surgeon and have a particularly important story. I'm one of 14 children. Among those 14 children and their spouses, there have been nine heart attacks, five strokes, seven cardiovascular bypass surgeries, three of my brothers have died and one sister. Since I have been exposed to BiosLife 2, I have learned that cholesterol can be dramatically lowered, that weight loss is possible, and, best of all, that when Cellular Essentials is introduced, the devastating effects of cardiovascular disease on my family can be eliminated. And for that I'm grateful.
Dr. John W.

I am most impressed with the BiosLife2 fiber nutrient drink mix. Since starting on BiosLife2, I have lost 20 lbs. and my total cholesterol has dropped 50 points. This is only one of the many products Unicity has developed in the preventative health care arena. This is a rock solid program from a medical standpoint.
Dr. Silvester D.

As with many medical professionals, my initial attraction to Unicity was because of Bios life II. At age 46 , with borderline cholesterol and a father who had had a heart attack at 50, I faced the prospect of taking my first prescription medication.  Six weeks after starting bioslife, my cholesterol dropped 57 points to 202, which was extremely impressive since it had never been below 225 in the fifteen years before.  I then started on Cellular Essentials and Vascular Complete along with the Bioslife, an incredible trio for cardiovascular disease prevention. My medical education includes Harvard University, Washington University School of Medicine and Barnes Hospital where I did my ophthalmology residency and where I  currently hold an assistant clinical professorship.  5 1/2 years with Uncitiy network has not only helped my own health, but made me a better preventative health advocate for my patients, friends and family.
Michael I., MD

My practice is a mental health outpatient clinic, and I have training in mental health and pediatrics. Personally, I love BiosLife because it has stabilized my blood sugar, I have lost 25 pounds, and it's lowered my cholesterol 60 points. These are wonderful products.
Dr. Caroline R.

My past academic path includes a BS in Zoology from University of Michigan, MD from University of Kansas School of Medicine, Flight Surgeon's Status from the School of Aviation Medicine, and I enjoyed being a Board Certified Ophthalmologist thanks to the Fellowship at the Mayo Clinic. When Dr. Sylvester Domme introduced me to Unicity and Bios Life®, it proved to be the turning point of my life.
My cholesterol fell from 211 to 163, LDL 144 to 96, and I lost 10 pounds all in the month of June, 1997. I was so very elated with my wife's and my cardiac risk ratio reversals that I told about 250 patients, and they also reversed their ratios as documented in our lab at the Medical Center. In my opinion every physician should follow the NCEP (National Cholesterol Education Panel) guidelines and ask patients to first exercise, then cut the animal fats in their diet, then increase fiber to between 25 and 40 grams/day, and then (and only then) should the statin drugs be given.
Dr. Stanley L., Kansas

My name is Dora Stone. I am a registered dietitian and also happen to be a type 2 diabetic. I have been diabetic for the last two and one-half years. I follow a 1300 calorie ADA diet and exercise 30 minutes five times per week, at least. I have been using Bios Life® 2 for about two months. With diet and exercise I can keep my postprandial blood sugar levels between 105-115 mg/dl. Adding two packets of Bios Life® before lunch and dinner allows me to keep my postprandial blood sugar levels around 88 mg/dl. I would recommend all diabetics take Bios Life® 2 because it really does work.
Dora Stone, RD, LD

I was introduced to the Unicity products by another pharmacist. As far as my own experiences with the products, they are excellent -- especially BiosLife. Since I have been on that, which as only been about four or five months now, I have not experienced any hypoglycemia, no nervousness, no irritability since the first month that I was on the product. Secondly, my level of cholesterol has dropped. I had a profile run before I started. One month after starting on the product, my cholesterol profile dropped from 218 to 204, triglycerides from 237 to 108. Previously my ratio was in the bad spot, it was 6. 4. But after being on Bios for one month, my ratio dropped to 5. 1. The HDL went up 20% from 34 to 40. So, essentially, I'm in much better shape, plus maybe eight or ten pound lost--and I'm not on a diet regimen. I still eat all those things that I like to eat.
Charlie A., Pharmacist Graduate of University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy

I'm a board certified general and vascular surgeon trained at UCLA. I've been in practice for 20 years. I'm Chief of Surgery of a 400-person medical group in Southern California, and I got introduced to the Bios Life by my wife. I knew I had a cholesterol problem; I didn't realize how bad it was. It actually was 272 before I started the BiosLife. After three weeks, my cholesterol went down to 212, a dramatic drop of 60 points. My triglycerides dropped 60 points; my HDL, the good cholesterol, went up 5 points to 75, and I lost 15 pounds which I'd been trying to do for three years. So, that really made a believer out of me.
Dr. Thomas C.

In October 2000 my triglycerides were 1,639 mg/dl and TC 495 mg/dl. After using BiosLife 2, my triglycerides are 137 mg/dl and my TC is 167 mg/dl. Aboriginal Gold: My surgical hands were cracked and painful but using Dr. Berman's Gold on my hands, total improvement has taken place and I had been under dermatologic care with multiple creams and ointments and NO success. Enrich and Thin: Super on my obese patients. I tried it at less than the optimal dose and lost 8 lbs in two weeks and I am 6 ft 186 lbs. C. M. Plex together with OsteoBasics has freed me of any joint problems. MenoBasics: My patients think is great and so "natural".
Harold J S. , M. D., Physician/gynecologist

In June my cholesterol was measured at 280 and I weighed 202 pounds. In mid-August, at the same weight and not having been on any cholesterol restricting diet, I began the BiosLife2 Program. Four weeks from the day I began, my cholesterol level was found to be 147 (133 point drop) and my weight had decreased to 188 pounds. My weight and cholesterol have since been maintained at these levels.
Henry W. , M. D.

My father has had problems with Diverticulitis for years. I am a Pharmacist and started my father on BiosLife2 for his low blood sugar and he, like me, had great results. I was new to the company and did not realize until he said something later that he had not been back to his GI doctor in over a year and had not had any problems with Diverticulitis at all during that time. This was very unusual for him. Then I started hearing others talking about BiosLife2 helping this. He also has benefited from Enzygen with meals (in fact, he had to take Enzygen when he started BiosLife2). Since then, I have recommended BiosLife2 and Enzygen for all bowel problems and have also seen great results with Ulcerative Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Crohn's Disease. Enzygen is great for people that have trouble starting BiosLife2 because of GI upset, but many people find they like to keep taking it because they digest food better and have fewer GI problems, like acid reflux.
Judy P., Pharmacist

One of the major health problems we deal with in our patients is Hyperlipidemia and the complications that this causes. Now there is a natural product that is strong enough to treat even your toughest cases. As one who was taking Zocor 20 mg. previously, I have seen BiosLife2 do a better job in three weeks than Zocor was able to do without any adjustments in diet or activity. In six weeks my cholesterol levels dropped 100 points. There is a lot of data and results on how effective this product is documented by other physicians.
Steven E. R. , M. D.

I am a family physician certified in Preventative Health, Occupational Medicine and Bariatric Medicine. I was a flight surgeon, flying in F-16's and F-15's in the Kansas Air National Guard. I was also a Clinical Associate Professor with University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine and Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. I am currently a member of the Ethics Committee of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians.
In several cases of hereditary hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol and triglycerides), I have seen cholesterol decrease over 300 points and triglycerides over 500 points in one month with BiosLife2. My own cholesterol went from 221 to 177 in 30 days and my current cardiac risk ratio is 2. 7 (below 4. 0 is good).
With BiosLife2's niacin bound chromium, I have helped diabetics get off 70-120 units of Insulin per day. My cholesterol was in the so-called normal range and I was able to lower the LDL 21 points which changed my risk factor significantly. My risk ratio is below normal range now, with no change in my exercise or diet otherwise.
The matrix of fibers in Bios Life® 2 definitely changed my risk of developing the number-one killer in the United Sates. As a pathologist, I studied the effects of cholesterol on our arteries and the scientific evidence is clear that we can make changes in our risk by using Bios Life® 2 daily.
Cloyce M., M.D.

The product I am most excited about is BiosLife2. I began the Weight Management Program 24 months ago and in a seven month period lost 29 pounds, lowering my serum cholesterol 68 points in the process. I currently use the Rx for Life and Cellular Essentials Optimal Health Pack, and have maintained my initial weight loss and cholesterol reduction without altering my lifestyle and eating habits. After using Defend-Ol for approximately 60 days I was able to discontinue my long-term use of antihistamines, cold tablets, and allergy medications. I breathe better now than ever before. I enthusiastically recommend all of Unicity's products to everyone I know!
Dr. Terry B., General Dentistry

After 29 days of regular use of BiosLife2, my total cholesterol plummeted from 242 to 169. My LDL fell from 171 to 109 and my triglycerides also had a significant reduction, falling 42 points from 162 to 120. My weight fell 9 pounds during this 29 day period. I had tried for over 11/2 years to regulate my cholesterol with diet alone, but was unable to do so.
B. R. H. , DO.

I'm a chiropractor and my experience with BiosLife is what got me involved with this business. My hypercholesterolemia caused me to try diets, exercise, and just about everything under the sun labeled to lower cholesterol. I could never get my cholesterol below 286. When I met my wife, she introduced me to BiosLife. I started with BiosLife2 three and a half months ago, and my cholesterol is now down to 180.
Robert A.

My triglycerides dropped 61 points in just one month of Bios Life® 2.  I am no longer borderline high risk. I am telling everyone that I am proof of this.
Susan B., Physicians Assistant

My husband had f/u bloodwork done and his cholesterol was down 22 points (from 210  to 188) and LDL was down to 136 from 157.  His doctor thought the results were from the Zocor which he had prescribed.  On informing the nurse that he had not taken the Zocor and had been using Bios Life® instead since April (and he hasn't consistently used it as directed), she was very impressed and wanted to receive information on the product.
Annette P., Registered Dietitian

I have lost 10 pounds just using the Bios Life® 2.  My husband lowered his cholesterol 20 points. His blood pressure has also gone to normal ( he has not changed meds for HTN or his exercise or diet routine other than Bios Life® 2). My dad is on men's core pack which is lower in Vit K and he is on Coumadin. His Coumadin was just lowered approx 1 month after starting the core pack.  My mom is on mevacor and with Bios Life®, her cholesterol lowered 25 points in one month, using it once a day. 
Susan B., MS RD

Like many people over 50, I had watched my cholesterol and LDL creep steadily up.  At  my last check-up my LDL was over 130 and that was about the same time I joined Unicity.  Of course the first product I tried was Bioslife.  After one month of taking Bioslife I had another lipid panel, and my LDL dropped 40 points.  I am so pleased that this risk factor for heart disease can be so easily controlled!  
Pat S., RD

“When you can get the same results with a natural product as you can with a statin medication it’s just tremendous…” –
Dr. Steven ,  Powellsville, NC

I took my own cholesterol level and then followed it over several months time. One of the things that my office staff noticed almost within a week's time of my starting BiosLife was that I was not getting as upset as I had been. It seemed to calm me down a little bit. The thing that I noticed most of all is that I had more energy. I wasn't getting as fatigued as I normally would at the end of the day.
My initial cholesterol was 198, and that was actually the best it had been in the last five years. Usually it runs about 220. But with only taking one packet of the BiosLife2 a day, my cholesterol went down to 160 and I my LDL, which is the bad cholesterol, went down to 89. I was thoroughly impressed with the product. So I tried it out on my most difficult patients. One patient that I really had a lot of difficulty with was a woman, 80 years of age, who had had by-pass surgery. The best I could do for her with diet and top dose Zocor, which was 40 milligrams, was a cholesterol reading of 285. I gave her a box of Bios Life® to take for a month's time. Her cholesterol went from 285 to 216 in 30 days, and it just blew me away. That convinced me that this product was definitely worthwhile. I have been using it ever since.
I am in one of the largest cardiologist groups in the Southeast. I will tell you it's a challenge to get cardiologists to accept this product. In my particular part of the group, where we have eight or nine cardiologists, they are slowly accepting the product. I have one individual who takes very good care of himself; he's a very thin gentleman. He's the most incredible low-fat eater I've seen. He takes a half a packet of Bios Life® a day and his cholesterol has dropped 40 points. So, I can tell you it works.
Maurice H.

I am board certified General Surgeon (FACS) and have been in private practice for six years. I recently found out that my own cholesterol was 236 with an LDL of 181. After only two weeks on BiosLife2 my cholesterol fell to 187, and my LDL to 138.
Steven E. , M. D.


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