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Vascular Complete

 Vascular Complete is a complex of nutrients known to optimize the health and function of the vascular system.

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Vascular Complete | 90 Tablets (SKU: 0988)Vascular Complete | 90 Tablets (SKU: 0988)

The vascular system is the largest and one of the hardest working, mechanically stressed organs in the body. 

Blood vessels provide every organ and cell with vital oxygen and nutrients, collect waste products and carry blood for reoxygenation. In order to carry out their important tasks, the blood vessels that comprise this system have to be strong, flexible and efficient. This depends on millions of cells that make up the vascular wall and that produce the connective tissue, collagen and elastin, which are needed for the elasticity and integrity of blood vessels and for proper response to injury or damage.

The compositional and structural soundness of these cells can be a major factor in maintaining smooth tissue in blood vessels to promote optimum arterial blood flow. Vascular Complete is a unique product that has been specifically formulated with nutrients known to optimize the health of blood vessels. When used in combination with the Rx for Life™ Cellular Essentials® Pack, it provides nutrients and cell repair factors to optimize the function of your blood vessels and the entire cardiovascular system. Formulated to assure disintegration and dissolution to meet and exceed compendial standards.*

Research Brief 
As blood is pumped through your cardiovascular system, a great deal of mechanical stress is applied on the blood vessel walls. The greatest stress is found in the large arteries that supply blood to the heart. These are squeezed with every heartbeat. The cell layer that lines the blood vessels is very delicate. Substances circulating in the blood can damage these cells, and deficiencies of certain nutrients can weaken the blood vessels by inducing compositional changes in these particular cells. 

Keeping the bloodstream free of debris and oxidizing chemicals can prevent damage to these important cells, while maintaining proper nutrition can deliver the basic building blocks that the vessel wall cells need for strength and flexibility. If these cells are healthy, the blood vessel remains supple and strong. This allows for unimpeded delivery of blood to the heart; and therefore, unimpeded delivery of energy-giving oxygen to all of the body's tissues and organs.

Although some of the structural and functional changes that occur in the blood vessel walls are considered to be an inevitable part of the aging process, many of these can be accelerated by various metabolic and pathological conditions. Lifestyle factors, insufficient nutrient intake, uncontrolled cholesterol or blood sugar and other factors can contribute to this process. Being aware of these factors and taking steps to control them is the key to overall cardiovascular health. 

Q: Who should take Vascular Complete? 
A: Anyone who is concerned about maintaining healthy blood vessel and circulatory system function can benefit from Vascular Complete. The formula is ideal for individuals concerned about risk factors predisposing them to cardiovascular problems,* especially individuals at a statistically higher risk because of heredity, lifestyle factors or age. 

Q: At what age should I start concerning myself with cardiovascular health?
A: For adults, it's never too early to start following a healthy lifestyle. That should include a well balanced diet that's low in saturated fats, augmenting your diet with beneficial supplements, regular exercise and proper stress management. In addition, you should evaluate your risk factors, such as family medical history, to determine if your cardiovascular health program is adequate.

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