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Cleanse the colon & detoxify the body
With Nature's Tea or Aloe Vera 

(Previously named  CLEARSTART)


This is the first step in any program to make your life better. It prepares your body to use other Unicity products to better your health or work to manage your weight.

UNICITYCleanse is an all natural colon cleanser and digestive health product to detoxify your body of toxins, waste and parasites. It consists of three different Unicity products, working with synergy to cleanse your colon and clear the toxins from your body. 

The three products included are: 
LiFiberParaway Plus, and one of the optional items: Aloe Vera or Natures Tea.

Nature’s Tea is a sweet-tasting blend of traditional herbs that work their magic, cleansing your body.  Aloe Vera capsules have natural, detoxifying and cleansing abilities to improve bowel regularity.
Observe the calendar shown below. It describes the use of UNICITYCleanse to detoxify your body. Print it out to effectively make use of it.

The ingredients of UNICITYCleanse are the huge benefit to your body.

Nature's Tea includes some important benefits for functioning of the intestinal tracts. Verify the details and ingredients on this link.

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UNICITY Cleanse - the Complete Colon Cleanser

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