Unicity Complete-Chocolate with Stevia | 30 Servings

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Unicity Complete-Chocolate with Stevia | 30 Servings

Unicity Complete
Chocolate Flavored
Meal Replacement - Protein Shake 
30 servings per container 

U Complete, chocolate flavored with stevia, is a meal replacement drink free from soy or sucralose.

This deliciously satisfying meal replacement is a smooth, high-protein shake.
Complete helps build a lean, healthy body with essential vitamins, minerals, and natural fibers.
Two scoops mix easily with 8 oz of water, skim milk, or soymilk.
Enjoy U Complete in place of one meal per day.  30 servings included per container.

  • - Advanced Formulation!
  • - Great Taste!
  • - More Vitamins!
  • - More Protein!
  • - Minimum amount of Carbohydrates!

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