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Preferred Customer Pricing

A discounted price and free shipping is available to all  who are  committed  to using  UNICITY/Bios Life products to maintain their health in a highly effective manner.  The average discount is 15% of the retail price.


You have several options to reduce the price of products to be ordered:

1. Enroll in the UNICITY Preferred Customer Program as follows:

          a.) Pay $14.95 to receive a Preferred Customer Discount card number and the discounted price list.
          b.) You will receive, on average, a 15% discount. It varies by product.
          c.) The product you order will be shipped FREE directly from UNICITY INTERNATIONAL.    

      2. Sign up for Auto-ship with the Preferred Customer Program and you will receive the selected products monthly as a standing order 

      a.) You will receive the free shipping in addition to the discounted price of the product plus an additional 3% discount.
      b.) The $14.95 paid for the Preferred Customer enrollment will be waived or rebated after three monthly shipments have been made. 
      c.) You are in charge to manage the order on line. You can change the products on order, change the ship date, cancel the order or extend the auto ship to once every two months.

       (Click Here) and you will be transferred to the UNICITY Web site for enrollment  as a Preferred Customer and you will place your product order. Please insert our Sponsor ID number – 27876501 – in the appropriate space. This will allow us to support your actions in placing the order and receiving the proper price discount.

      If you have any questions, call Customer Support at 1-888-390-1931.

      UNICITY INTERNATIONAL is a privately held company ranked in the top 100 U.S. Companies in 2009.

      There are currently 17 different UNICITY products listed in the web site designed to supplement the health associated with:

      Heart health
      Cardiovascular health
      Blood sugar levels

      Weight control
      Smart Energy

      UNICITY has an additional 80 + products devoted to a multitude of health concerns. (Click here) to review the entire UNICITY Shopping List.


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