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Sixteen UNICITY products
are registered in the PDR.

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Physicians' Desk Reference


The Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR) is the nation's most trusted source of FDA-approved prescribing information. It is consulted millions of times weekly by health care professionals. Almost 500,000 MDs, and chief pharmacists throughout the United States refer to the PDR.

 Ninety percent (90%) of health care professionals consider this reference the most important source of reliable information and helps them in making the right decision on advising their patients which products they should use.

UNICITY INTERNATIONAL's continued focus on clinical research of products allows Bios Life C and UNICITY Balance (previously named Bios Life SLIM) along with fourteen (14) other unique UNICITY products, to be registered in the prestigious Physician's Desk Reference  for health care professionals.

Refer to the following 16 UNICITY products described in the PDR.

Bios Life C 
Balance (also named Bios Life Slim)
Cellular Essentials Pack (Bio-C + Cardio Basics)
CMPlex Softgels and Cream
CoQ10 - Ubiquinol
Enzygen Plus
Joint Mobility
Matcha Energy
Matcha Focus
Vision Essentials

Go to the following product pages to learn more about the products.

01) Bio-C 
02) Bios Life C 
03) U Balance 
04) Cardio-Essentials

05) Cellular Essentials
06) CMPlex-softgels

07) CM-Cream
08) CoQ10
09) Immunizen
10) Joint Mobility 
11) Matcha-Energy

12) Matcha-Focus
13) OmegaLife 3
15) Vision Essentials


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