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Our Mission Statement!


Our mission is to help eradicate heart disease, stroke and diabetes. We accomplish this through educating people about the use of nutriceuticals to clear the arteries of plaque. These nutritional products are *clinically tested, proven and patented" compounds designed to take advantage of the body’s own ability to heal. The products have years of clinical studies and testing behind them. They are all found in your doctor’s very own Physician’s Desk Reference known as the PDR. This book lists all pharmaceutical drugs and only a few natural treatments.

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Click Here for: Concerning heart disease and stroke, who is at risk?
According to a published study in JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) virtually everybody has artery blockages called  Atherosclerosis. These blockages have started by the time most children become a teenager. Doctors are now considering treating children as young as eight years old. To see the study results click on Who is at Risk. The study results will amaze you.

Click Here for: What are the top nine risk factors that can accelerate the development of Atherosclerosis in your arteries? What are the associated increased risk values?

Click Here for: Do you know your numbers? Do you know what they mean? You’d better. It’s your life at risk. As you should be your own number one health advocate, this is information that you will need to know and understand. Find out why a total cholesterol of 200 may be good or bad.

Click Here for:  What does the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) recommend to doctors regarding treatment protocol of high cholesterol? Take a look at the N.C.E.P. plan for lowering cholesterol before prescribing drugs. You may find that your doctor may have skipped a step. They may not be familiar with what could be recommended to accomplish your goals before prescribing any prescription drugs.


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