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When high glucose (blood sugar) is the problem
Lower blood sugar with supplements


High glucose levels can lead to diabetes. These high levels raise the need for more and more insulin production. High insulin levels also causes difficulty for the body to burn excessive stored fat (free fatty acids) causing increased weight gain. Today’s medical treatments are designed around increasing levels of insulin instead of lowering glucose levels in the blood stream. Decreasing the need for high amounts of insulin decreases the stress placed upon your pancreas allowing it to work better.

What are recommended  blood sugar levels according to the ADA?

The ADA recommends that people with diabetes try to maintain their BG levels as follows:

Before meals  - 70-130 mg/dl
1-2 hours after a meal - less than 180 mg/dl
A1c test every 3 months - less than 7%

Source: American Diabetes Association, 2007

The Bios Life products contain the Bios Sphere fiber matrix that slows the release of digested sugar and carbohydrates into the blood stream. This process lowers sugar spikes after eating which are associated with eating today’s standard American Diet. By acting like a time release mechanism for glucose, Bios Life slows the dispersion of sugars into the blood stream. This in turn spreads the glucose over a longer period of time allowing more of it to feed your cells and less to be stored as fat. This causes an increase in energy levels over a longer period of time preventing hunger due to low blood sugar levels.  A special chromium nutrient, within Bios Life, helps improve your own insulin’s ability to store sugar thus lowering your insulin resistance.

Choose from the following products, based on the overall results you plan to achieve:

The benefits of each are listed in order of importance.

The BiosLife SLIM G product is the best for you to control blood sugar & lower the HbA1c level, burn fat and lose weight, lower the LDL cholesterol, raise the HDL cholesterol and lower triglycerides.
                                                          Bios Life SLIM G - packets
The BiosLife SLIM product is the best for you to burn fat (reduce weight), lower the LDL cholesterol, raise the HDL cholesterol, lower triglycerides and control blood sugar.
                                      Bios Life SLIM - Canister                          Bios Life SLIM - packets 
The BiosLife C product is the best solutions for you to lower your LDL cholesterol, raise the HDL cholesterol, lower the triglycerides and control blood sugar.

                                    Bios Life C - Canister                          Bios Life C - Packets


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