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Did you know that a total cholesterol number of 200 could be good

or it could be bad?

Even if your total cholesterol  hasn’t changed in years, your risk of a heart attack or stroke may have increased dramatically. Let’s look at an example and learn the importance of all the numbers.

Parameter Age 20 Age 40 Age 50
Total Cholesterol 200 200 200
LDL 120 130 134
HDL   60   40   30
Triglycerides 100 150 180
Risk Ratio 3.3 (good) 5.0 (not good) 6.7 (bad)

As you can see it is the combination of LDL, HDL and triglycerides that determine your Risk Ratio (your most important number) of having a heart attack or stroke. While lowering your LDL’s is important, raising your HDL’s is important also. Lowering your triglyceride’s is also important if they are high as well. Keeping your numbers in the age 20 range is the recommended level for someone who has not had to have treatment. These numbers drop significantly if you have had a heart attack or stroke. If you have had Angioplasty, Stints or Bypass Surgery these numbers should be lowered as well.


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