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Diabetes Management with Bios Life


Bios Life 2™, Bios Life C™ and Bios Life SLIM™ are clinically proven to stabilize our blood sugar levels. This has important benefits for all of us. Our modern diets and processed foods cause rapid fluctuation of glucose and insulin levels in our blood. The peaks cause cellular damage and pancreatic stress. The lows cause sugar cravings and lack of energy.

The fiber matrix in Bios Life™ limits the rapid increase of sugar levels by spreading out the sugar absorption during the day and by reducing the glycemic index of our foods. The resulting balance in our sugar levels gives us more usable energy throughout the day and prevents us from giving in to our sugar craving. This is of great benefit if you want to maintain a healthy weight or want to lose weight.

The lower glucose levels in the blood are also very beneficial for diabetics. The studies with Bios Life™ have shown that diabetics can reduce their sugar levels after the meal using Bios Life and improve their overall disease management.

The added proprietary chromium in Bios Life™ further sensitizes insulin and allows a further decrease in average glucose levels.

In a recent study presented to the American Heart Association Annual Conference concluded Bios Life™ reduced the postprandial glucose levels 28% and HbA1c levels 15%; indicating Bios Life provides a natural option to improve diabetes management.

 According to the American Heart Association, some 17 million Americans are afflicted with diabetes, and that number grows rapidly as sedentary lifestyles and convenience oriented eating habits prevail. Today pharmacy shelves are well stocked with insulin, insulin sensitizers, and glucose desensitizers, all of which play an important role in managing this widespread disease.

However, long-term use of these costly medications can cause a range of harmful conditions including insulin resistance, liver dysfunction, and edema. Even with the assistance of medication, most diabetics will eventually succumb to complications of the disease, such as blindness, nerve damage, and kidney failure.

But recent clinical studies and scientific reviews point to a safe, powerful, natural product that can help patients control blood glucose levels-a key to long-term management of diabetes. Bios Life® is clinically proven to help improve glycemic control, decrease hyperinsulinemia, and lower plasma lipid concentration in patients with Type 2 Diabetes. This approach can serve as an effective adjunct and an eventual replacement for prescription medication.



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