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There are two ways to improve your lipid numbers:  prescription drugs and natural supplements.


Your doctor may prescribe a statin drug (Lipitor, Zocor or Crestor are examples) to lower the bad LDL cholesterol. Many people can not or should not take a statin drug because of side affects such as joint damage, muscle damage or other side effects.

The raising of HDL (good) cholesterol requires a prescription from your doctor involving a drug such as 
Niaspan which includes niacin. Many people can not take these drugs because of the side effects such as flushing by the blood and increased heart rate. Some of these drugs should not be taken with statin drugs because of the interaction problem.

Lowering of triglycerides requires that your doctor prescribe a fiberic acid drug(such as Trilpix,Lipofen and others). Although fairly safe, they should not be taken with any of the above drugs. Some of the statin drugs may include niacin.

Therefore, with prescription drugs you may have to choose treating only one problem at a time, as well as facing the possible side effects which can be serious.

Non-Drugs (natural supplements)

To lower the LDL (bad) cholesterol, you could take Unicity's Bios Life C or the Balance-Cholesterol product.  They have been clinically tested to lower LDL cholesterol on average by 31%.

To  raise the HDL (good) cholesterol, you could take Unicity's Bios Life C or the Balance-Cholesterol product. They have been clinically tested to raise the HDL cholesterol on average by 29%.

To lower triglycerides, you can take the same Unicity products. They have been shown to lower the triglycerides in excess of 40%.

As you may have noticed, the same Unicity supplement can improve all areas of your lipid profile without dangerous side effects.  

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