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Bios Life 2

 Bios Life 2

Over $5 Billion of Bios Life have been sold.

Bios Life 2 is designed for those that need moderate cholesterol reduction and or those with high or low blood sugar levels. It is safe to be taken in conjunction with statin drugs.

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Bios Life 2 | Natural (Canister) (SKU: 28836)Bios Life 2 | Natural  (Canister) (SKU: 28836)

Bios Life 2 should be included in your cholesterol diet plan if your cholesterol level is over 200 or any of the following is true: your LDL cholesterol is over 100, the triglycerides are over 150 or the HDL cholesterol is under 40 for men and 60 for women. The important point is - lower cholesterol naturally and it is a valid product to control blood sugar if a person is prediabetic or already is diabetic. 

Bios Life 2 is a unique, fiber-rich nutrient mix that can support healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

It is covered under two U.S. patents and clinically proven to lower cholesterol up to 18%. A matrix of essential fibers and other nutrients is provided to improve your cardiovascular and digestive health, curb your appetite, and support healthy blood sugar levels.  

Bios Life 2 is designed for those who need moderate cholesterol reduction and/or those with high or low blood sugar levels. It is safe to be taken in conjunction with statin drugs. It is further recommended that prescription drugs be taken one hour before or four hours after taking the Bios Life product.

Bios Life 2 features a proprietary matrix of fibers under patent numbers. 4,883,788 and 4,824,672 for the "Method and Composition for Reducing Serum Cholesterol."

60 servings (one month) is included per order.

Review the ingredients of Bios Life 2 and check out the vitamins and fibers included for your health.

Click here to review clinical studies of the Bios Life product reported by The Cleveland Clinic.


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