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The Five Rules that make fat loss fast

Earlier in 2008, when Bios Life SLIM as being launched, we were aware that it would have great fat loss results—there had been enough product trials to convince us of that. However, we were totally unprepared for the phenomenal results we’ve seen worldwide over the last six months!
As testimonials roll in and as we conduct interviews, we’ve noticed a pattern develop that indicates that certain behaviors adopted early appear to enhance the fat burning effects of Slim.
Almost immediately, Bios Life SLIM,  users notice two feelings:
    1.  An increase in energy
    2.  A decrease in food cravings
These feelings are coming from the same source. Because of Bios Life SLIM, you’re able to develop a personal “Fat Burning Zone.” However, we’ve observed that if you don’t react properly to these feelings of energy and reduced cravings, your Fat Burning Zone will cool considerably and you’ll lose some of the benefits that Bios Life SLIM,  offers.

On the other hand, we’ve seen that if you will compliment your use of Bios Life SLIM,  by adopting The Five Rules you will store less fat and burn more; you’ll change forever the way you look and feel.
The Five Rules:

     1.  Eat a high protein breakfast. Almost universally, the Get SLIM Now Contest winners began their day with Unicity’s Lean Complete, the meal replacement drink mix that’s packed with protein and other essential   nutrients needed to start your day off right.
    2.  Eat well-balanced meals each day. Think lean protein, healthy fat, complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables.
    3.  Space meals with four hours between breakfast and lunch, four hours between lunch and dinner, and 12 hours between dinner and breakfast.
    4.  Increase physical activity gradually and moderately.
    5.   Reduce consumption of sugary or processed foods and sweetened drinks.
The Five Rules are very difficult to live unless you’re feeling the increase in energy and the diminished cravings that are provided by consistently drinking  Bios Life SLIM..
When the feelings of increased energy and decreased cravings are responded to by the adoption of these behaviors, the Fat Burning Zone created by drinking Bios Life SLIM is dramatically extended and enhanced. In short, you burn more fat and feel better while doing it.
Bios Life SLIM is an amazing product but it is not magic. You can’t drink Bios Life SLIM,  then sit on the couch. and eat whatever you want. Watch your diet. 

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