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Dr. Gerald Bresnahan's Testimonial

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Additional Doctor's testimonials addressing the merits of Unicity products to control cholesterol.

1.      Dr. Gerald Bresnahan, F.A.C.C. Los Angeles, top Cardiologist, twelve years as Cardiologist on call for people such as The President, The Queen of England, The Pope and others visiting southern California. 1:48 min.

2.      Dr Franklin Murphy, F.A.C.C., Clinical Professor of Medicine at the UCLA School of Medicine, Founding Director of the Preventative Health Program at UCLA. 1:15 min.

3.      Dr. Arthur Hagen, F.A.C.C., Consulting Cardiologist, Chief of Cardiology L.D.S. Hospital, Founder Stillwater Heart Institute. 2:30 min.

4.      Dr. Mark Hamilton, Doctor of Anesthesiology, Emory Affiliated Hospitals. 3:20 min.

5.      Dr. Sylvester Domme, University of Kansas School of Medicine, Fellow of American Emergency Physicians, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Fellow of American Family Practice. 1:55 min.

6.      Dr. Dan Nelson, Head of Cardiology at large hospital group. 2:55 min.

7.      Dr. Stan Lowe, M.D. Kansas University Medical Center, Mayo Clinic trained. 3:45 min.

8.      Dr. John McClure, Orthopedic Surgeon University of Pennsylvania. 2:35 min.

9.      Dr. Steven Fergusson, M.D., C.M.D., Case Western Medical School, Mercy Catholic Center Philadelphia.2:50 min.

10.    Dr. Tom Froelic, M.D., University of Texas SW School of Medicine Internal Medicine and encology, Masters in Health Care Administration. 2:25 min.

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