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We have been UNICITY Franchise Owners since 1995, supplying revolutionary health care products developed by Unicity International. We are committed to providing the best in information, products and customer service. Our goal is to help eradicate cardiovascular issues such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes. These diseases represent the #1, #3 and #5 causes of death in America today.

About the owners of this site.

Fred Arndt is enjoying a healthy life style today as a result of the UNICITY products.. It wasn’t always like that. "I had quadruple bypass surgery 19 + years ago. This was followed up by the addition of a stent being installed four years later. Following the insertion of the stent, I was prescribed the statin drug - Zocor. I went looking for a better solution for my health. I found the UNICITY products to lower my LDL cholesterol, raised my HDL and lowered my triglycerides. I added the Cellular Essential product to open my arteries, keep them open and prevented blockage of the stent and bypass."  Fred says “I have enjoyed excellent health over the last 19 years supported by the UNICITY Products. I expect it to continue long into the future. My total cholesterol reading is currently at 148 with a risk ratio less than 3.0.”   

Harold Hill is a 25+ year survivor of a heart attack that damaged one chamber of his heart. After feeling his health continuing to disintegrate in subsequent years he went on a quest to solve his health condition and regain his vitality. By using several of these Unicity products, Bios Life and Cellular Essentials, he has returned to full health without the use of prescription drugs, angioplasty, stents or surgery confusing a number of cardiologists. Harold says “These products really work. I know how they have saved my life and they can save yours too. I will never stop using them!”     

Tom Lund is 80 years old and believes the Bios Life products have saved his life. He knows that they can help you enjoy greater health too. His Dad and brothers have all suffered from heart disease. Proactively he began to research how to avoid or prolong the adversity of following in their footsteps. Activity, lifestyle, and research brought him to talk to his cardiologist who prescribed the normal Statin drugs. Tom wanted an alternative, a more natural choice… one that wouldn’t have the extended list of side effects of the Statin drugs. Tom suggested Bois Life as an option as it is found in every doctor’s drug book, the Physician’s Desk Reference. His cardiologist agreed that it would be a good option to try. Tom says “Why not give it a try? Now, both my cardiologist and I are using it successfully!”    his website was created by Independent Franchise Owners of Unicity International located in Orem, Utah. You are encouraged to independently verify the information contained herein.


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