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Bios Life SLIM

U BALANCE-Cholesterol
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UNICITY BALANCE is designed for those who physically need to reduce their weight, lower cholesterol and control their blood sugar. UNICITY BALANCE provides a benefit in all of these areas.

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UNICITY BALANCE - Cholesterol (SKU: 26550)UNICITY BALANCE - Cholesterol (SKU: 26550)

Lower cholesterol, control blood sugar and support weight loss. UNICITY BALANCE-Cholesterol provides a benefit in all three areas. 60 servings.

UNICITY BALANCE is a revolutionary fat burning product; providing the first scientific breakthrough in fat-loss in over 30 years. It contains natural, proprietary ingredients. The UNICITY BALANCE fat burning product helps your body regulate the amount of fat that it stores naturally.

UNICITY BALANCE is the only natural product that combines all four of the known natural approaches to lowering harmful cholesterol, lowering tryglcerides and increasing good cholesterol. The four known natural approaches include an excellent source of dietary fiber, phytosterols, policosanol and Chrysanthemum morifolium. Recent clinical studies suggest that Bios Life SLIM can lower the harmful LDL cholesterol  levels by an astounding 31%, while increasing the good HDL cholesterol levels by 29% and lowering triglycerides by 40%.

UNICITY BALANCE is perfect product for those who need aggressive cholesterol LDL lowering as well as increasing HDL levels. 

This product includes a chromium additive to help manage blood sugar levels and lower the HbA1c level for pre-diabetics and diabetics. 

FAQs pertaining to the use of UNICITY BALANCE for weight loss, lowering cholesterol and controlling blood sugar.



A revolutionary fat burning product.

The first scientific approach to weight loss in over 30 years.

Contains natural, clinically proven proprietary ingredients.(Refer to ingredients below)

It helps your body naturally regulate the amount of fat stored.

How does it work?

Drink UNICITY BALANCE at least twice a day with your meals. 

It trains your body to burn away excess fat forever.

There are no jitters, hunger, or confusion with other weight-loss products or programs.

The result is the creation of a slimmer, more active, more attractive you.

How long will it take to see results?

The expectation is to slim down and stay slim.

A “diet” is something you do to your body.

UNICITY BALANCE is something you do for or with your body. 

Your body will gradually be trained to burn fat, not store it. 

It usually takes about three months for this process to become permanent. 

Most users of UNICITY BALANCE begin “feeling better” within days, 

A body size reduction starts less than 30 days after beginning the program.

The added benefits of UNICITY BALANCE:

UNICITY BALANCE also lowers cholesterol and controls blood sugar.

Diabetics appreciate it. The amount of prescription drugs can often be reduced.

Individuals with high cholesterol can lower the amount of statin drugs being prescribed.

The risk of heart disease and strokes is lowered. 

The patented approach of the UNICITY BALANCE products includes:

Helps to block re-absorption of cholesterol in the intestinal tract.

Helps to block absorption of cholesterol coming directly from food after digestion.

Reduces the cholesterol produced by the liver.

Enhances enzymatic breakdown and removal of LDL (bad) cholesterol.


This product is listed in the PDR along with ten other Unicity products.

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Note: The PDR is a desk reference including medicines prescribed by medical personnel. 


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