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Testimonials - Blood Sugar Management

BIOS LIFE Testimonials concerning Blood Sugar Control

In July I became ill and was admitted to our local hospital. It was discovered that I was a severe diabetic. At that time my blood sugar level was 314 before my evening meal and 569 directly after. My cholesterol was 259 and my triglycerides were 429. I was given an impossible diet and released from the hospital ten days later. My medication included Proventil by inhaler for my asthmatic condition, Seldane for allergies and the insulin which I gave myself by injection two or three times daily.
Then a miracle happened to me. My nephew introduced me to the RX for Life Program (BiosLife). Within two weeks I was able to reduce my insulin intake by half and kept reducing it for the following three months until my doctor said, "Congratulations, your blood sugar level is normal!" But that's not all. My cholesterol fell to 186 (73 point drop) and my triglycerides fell to 183 (246 point drop). I no longer use the Proventil or the Seldane and instead I take Defend-Ol and Calmplex2000 daily and Reliev-Ol as needed. I have lost over 50 pounds. Thank God for UNICITY.
    Mary H. H. 

For eleven years, I have struggled with diabetes. I have had seven eye surgeries, have lost my left eye, and have diminished vision in my right eye due to diabetic retinopathy. In July of last year, I was taking 220 units of insulin a day. I had gained 50 pounds and still had blood sugar levels running from 190 to 390. My doctor took me off insulin and started me on maximum doses of Glucophage and Amaryl. After several months, he told me these drugs were not working. I was scared.
Meanwhile my business partner told me about a nonprescription, natural product that was helping other people control their blood sugar levels. At this point, what did I have to lose? I took a packet of BiosLife2 and a list of ingredients to my endocrinologist. He said, "There is nothing in this that can hurt you." On January 9th I started taking Rx for Life (containing Bios Life® 2) while on Amaryl and Glucophage with no insulin. In less than one week, my blood sugar was 153, in two weeks under 100 and have had blood sugar readings of less than 80. I reduced the Glucophage by 2/3 and Amaryl to 1/2 of the original dose So far, I have lost 32 pounds. My last examination by my eye surgeon showed no new leakage and no new bleeding in my eyes. I am saving the vision I have left. I needed a miracle and I thank God for guiding me to this. 
    Dick B.

Bios Life® was introduced to me by a colleague who indicated it might benefit my husband who had a heart attack in 1987 at the age of 40. He was diagnosed with high cholesterol at that point. He tried two different anti-cholesterol medications which were not successful in lowering his cholesterol. Four years ago he was also diagnosed with diabetes and is insulin dependent. Ten weeks ago he started on BiosLife C. Since that time he has had his cholesterol checked twice and lowered his cholesterol almost 100 points. His hemoglobin has been the most stable in the four years since he has been diabetic and has better energy. We are sold on the product and the business.
Dr. Ann H, W. MD

I'm a pharmacist and diabetes educator in St. Petersburg, Florida, and have had approximately eight years experience using BiosLife C with my diabetic patients. Typically, most people think BiosLife2 will only help type 2 diabetics, however, I've found a greater benefit from using it with patients with type 1 diabetes. And that is simply because of the ability of BiosLife C to level the blood sugar. 
The problem that occurs with people who have type 1 diabetes, especially children, is that their lifestyles and their activities cause such a fluctuation in their use of glucose, metabolism of glucose and the amount of insulin they require that it's very hard to level those blood sugars. I've found that by consuming the soluble fiber in BiosLife C, this helps moderate the absorption of the glucose, makes it stay longer, pretty much giving them a slow-release form of glucose, so that they don't have those swings. 
As we all know, low blood sugar for a type 1 diabetic is probably more harmful than high blood sugar. The ability to help stave off those lows with the BiosLife C gives them an opportunity to have better control over their high glucose. In addition, it will help with the high glucose. And as children tend to eat a little more irregularly and irrationally than adults do, taking the BiosLife C before they eat will help temper some of the effects that cause high blood sugar as well. 
Dave J.  Pharm.

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