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Welcome to Complete Heart Health where our goal is to empower you so you can live a better, heart healthy life. On our site you will find a wide range of informative content & useful natural products which will help you make educated decisions when it comes to improving your cardiovascular health, blood sugar control & weight loss. 

Rather than focus on one area of heart disease or other cardiovascular disorders, we offer a transformative approach that enables you to:

Whether you need to prevent or control diabetes, heart disease, or simply improve your overall cardiovascular health, we carry everything you need while protecting you with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee if you don't see real results! Improve your quality of life and take action today!

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Featured Products for Heart Health, Diabetes & Weight Loss

U BALANCE-Cholesterol | 60 Packet/Box (SKU: 26550)

A packet, mixed with water, is taken daily before each of the two largest meals. This regimen will aggressively lower cholesterol, control blood sugar and accelerate weight loss. Patented, clinically proven and recommended by medical professionals. Listed in the PDR. (Previously named BiosLife SLIM)

U BALANCE-Glucose | 60 Packets (SKU: 26551)

A designed focus on control of blood glucose and is also used by those who require lowering of LDL Cholesterol, triglycerides, raising of HDL Cholesterol and increased fat burning for weight loss. A packet mixed with water is to be taken before each of the two larger meals every day.
(Previously named Bios Live SLIM G).

U Matcha-Energy | 30 Packets (SKU: 26552)

This is Smart Energy convenient to be carried where ever you go offering great energy benefits.  Simply tear open the packet and mix with water, juice, or protein shake… and soon you’ll be enjoying the refreshing pomegranate–berry flavor and have the energy boost you’ve always wanted.

U Matcha-Mental Focus | 30 packets (SKU: 26553)

This product includes antioxidants blended with the proprietary matcha tea from Japan for mental focus and clarity.    Simply tear open the packet and mix with water, juice, or protein shake… and soon you’ll be enjoying the refreshing green apple flavor and have the  mental focus and clarity you’ve always wanted.

Cellular Essentials Pack | 30 servings (SKU: 6200)

Designed for individuals with clogged arteries or those who want to avoid the possibility of clogged arteries.This would include anyone who has had a heart attack. angina, shortness of breath, angioplasty, stents or bypass surgery. The Pack is a combination of Cardio-Basics and Bio-C.

U Complete-vanilla | 30 servings - 2 lbs 7 oz. (SKU: 26554)

Enjoy the new and improved 30-Day supply of  U Complete-Vanilla. Mix in berrys, banana or strawberrys and the result is a deliciously satisfying meal replacement as a smooth, high-protein shake. It builds a lean, healthy body with essential vitamins, minerals, and natural fibers. Mix two scoops with 8 oz of water, skim milk, or soymilk. (Previously named Lean Complete.)

U LiFiber | 45 Servings (SKU: 26562)The psyllium-based powder drink mix provides 29 high-quality herbs, both soluble and insoluble fiber, to clean the colon of toxins. 
U Cleanse with Nature's Tea | Colon Cleanser & Body Detoxification - 30 day supply (SKU: 26556)

 This should be the first step in any program to make your life better. Toxins, waste, and parasites are removed from your body. (Previously named CLearStart with Nature's Tea.

U Cleanse with Aloe Vera | Colon Cleanser & Body Detoxification - 30 day supply (SKU: 26557)This should be the first step in any program to make your life better. Toxins, waste, and parasites are removed from your body.
(Previously named ClearStart with Aloe Vera)


Note: UNICITY INTERNATIONAL made product naming and packaging changes of the Core Products and including pricing changes as of September 9, 2013.

 We, being a franchise partner with Unicity International, have implemented these changes within this web site.
The names of the core products supplied by Unicity International have been changed as follows:
  • Bios Life Slim is renamed to U BALANCE. This product is provided with options to lower cholesterol or to manage glucose levels. Bios Life SLIM in a canister is still available.
  • Bios Life Matcha is renamed to U MATCHA. This product is provided with options to increase your energy or to provide mental focus.
  • Lean Complete is renamed to U COMPLETE, a product to assist you in lowering your weight.
  • ClearStart is renamed to U CLEANSE, a product to cleanse your entire body of toxins
UNICITY focuses their product development on the actual needs
of real people, and that's why the UNICITY products have been so successful.

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